Showcasing Product Vision: A Guide for Aspiring and New Product Managers

Ben Staples
6 min readOct 4, 2023
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Note: This is a companion blog post to an interview I recently did with Product Gym. The original interview can be found on YouTube here.

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Aspiring product managers often wonder how to demonstrate their product vision effectively during the job hunt and once they land their first Product Management role. In a recent interview with Product Gym; a career coaching program for aspiring and junior Product Managers, I had the opportunity to dig into the significance of a product vision. This includes defining what it is and the role it plays in a product manager’s day to day, how an aspiring Product Manager might demonstrate their skill set in crafting visions in an interview process, and key things newer Product Managers can do to create and demonstrate their product vision once they land a job.

With that, let’s ground ourselves on what a Product Vision even is.

Defining Product Vision:

The Product Vision forms the backbone of a successful Product Manager’s entire world. While visions can differ greatly depending on the product, industry, or Product Manager, generally they should be comprised of four key components:



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