Why Price Transparency is Critical for SaaS Products

Ben Staples
5 min readApr 1, 2021

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I recently had a pretty frustrating experience with a Saas (Software as a service) product I love which really hammers home the importance of price transparency.

I live my life off of Trello (includes a referral link) to organize everything, whether it is task lists for work, or even tracking movies I want to watch. Sometimes Trello doesn’t cut it for me however. Tom Favaloro, one of the best Product Managers I’ve had the chance to work with, introduced me to Airtable (also a referral link).

The main difference between Airtable and Trello is that while Trello has a kanban card based foundation, Airtable’s core is an excel like data entry table that can be manipulated into different views.

Trello Logo
Airtable Logo

The main reason I’ve used Airtable for different projects is because of its ability to visualize links from one field of data to another, and to tie changes to one record to others. A great example of needing to do…



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